With summer seemingly on the wain, it is time to look forward to all that Autumn has to offer. These golden months are the favourite time of year for my wife and I, and after what has proved quite a difficult 2019 so far, we are looking forward to slowing down in the back end of the year, and really savouring this time.

So the heaters are slowly getting switched on and the cupboards are filling with comfort food. Soups, stews, mashed potatoes, crumbles, cakes and custard; we love them all! And they never taste better than when the temperatures start to drop and the leaves are turning. 

We have a challenge this year, however. We had been due to move house back in the summer, but for various reasons, it never happened. Unfortunately, the decision not to move wasn’t made before we had given away most of our furniture and packed up all of our remaining possessions.

So it has been a slow process over the last couple of months to try and reassert some type of order. Complicating matters is the fact that our house needs a lot of work done, which means it would be pointless for us to unpack everything, just to have to pack it all up again when the builders come. The upshot is that currently, we are living in just two rooms of our three-bedroom house, but we are making the best of it.

The main annoyance is that all our books are all in boxes, stacked high. If we want to find a certain one, it means searching box by box until we find it (and it’s always in the bottom one!). My solution is simple: we will just have to buy new books! I definitely feel a second-hand bookshop session coming on. Anyone got any suggestions?

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