A selection of short stories to whet your appetite. Featuring a full cast of monsters, goblins, crows, schoolmarms and an angry old man waving a broken cucumber.

Zachary is afraid of the Pumpkin Men. Is it all in his head? Or is he the only one to see the truth? A short story to celebrate the spooky season!

Zachary was afraid of the pumpkin men. He was afraid of their waxen smiles. He was afraid of their dark, hollow eyes. He was afraid of their leathery orange skin and , most of all, he was afraid of what they did when no one was looking... Read the rest here!

Geenko has dared to come above ground for a very important mission. But exactly what is his mission? And what part does the approaching knight have to play, willingly or otherwise?

The sunshine tasted sour. Geenko smacked his blue lips in distaste, his snout wrinkling at the unpleasant tang he was so unfamiliar with. Why humans lived above the ground he would never understand. Give him the cool, wet goblin tunnels any day… Read the rest here!

The Castle Blackwood Best Vegetable Competition is a very big deal indeed. But the night before the big event, in the moon drenched walled garden, there is corruption and sabotage afoot…

The frail figure of the Great Lord Butterworth, ninety-sixth Marquess of Blackwood, holder of the Golden Trowel and second favourite candidate for this year’s Guardian of the Gardens is currently staring at a cabbage in his hand with nothing short of abject horror… Read the rest here!