A writer and his writing buddy.

Hello. I’m M.A.Knights, an English writer living in the glorious countryside of wild west Wales. Here the rugged cliffs, rolling hills and ever-changing sea inspire the worlds of my creation. After achieving a BSc in Countryside Conservation and an MSc in Geographic Information and Climate Change, I realised I am, in fact, not a scientist at all. It’s the what-do-you-call-it? … memory! Not what it used to be, don’t you know? And what with all those numbers and things … dreadful! Simply dreadful. So I’ve left the data crunching to those cleverer than I and instead have returned to the fantastical imaginings of my youth. I hope one day to lose myself in a world of my own creation.

Being born English (sorry about that. Do you know, they never gave me a choice.) I have developed a love for the farcical and absurd. Inspired by writers like Terry Pratchett, P.G.Wodehouse, Tom Holt and Jasper Fforde I revel in the creation of fantastical worlds full of improbable beasts and eccentric, larger than life characters. Be it Wigbert Stonemorton, the reluctant and unpopular Duke of the Blackwood, who has voices in his head and a serious case of social anxiety, or the tweed-clad, cake-loving, self-proclaimed paranormal investigator Mr Theophilious Gout, to name but two.

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