Paranormal investigators in Edwardian Britain

When Clementine Trussel opens her parents’ bakery one cold November morning and in walks a large man in a tweed suit, she could never have imagined how it would change her life forever. For Mr Theophilius Gout is not like anyone she has ever met before, and their meeting will catapult her into a world of magic and supernatural monsters hidden in the shadows of her small-town world.

If that wasn’t enough, her domineering mother wants her to take a job as a maid for some rich family, but Clementine is more concerned about her beloved Granny who has fallen mysteriously ill. Can clementine appease her mother whilst keeping her Granny safe? Will Mr Gout ever stop eating? And who exactly is the Pig in the Derby Hat?

Read the first thrilling adventure of Clemantine Trussel and Mr Theophilious Gout: Paranormal Investigators!

Complete with small, quiet town, spooky goings on, lashings of tea and cake, and, of course, a Pig in a Derby Hat.

Coming soon!

Trussel and Gout in: Something in the Woodshed also coming soon!